Hi, my name is Jenn and I'm a bargain shopaholic! 
I honestly have more "is-shoes" than Vogue, or should 
I say more issues than Newsweek, since it's printed 
on a weekly basis.

Luckily, these issues are easily addressed and resolved during my weekly visits with multiple (18 to be exact ) psychiatrists… I know what you’re thinking… “This girl is CRAY!!!”.. and while you may be on to something, that isn’t why I’m at those visits. Truthfully, I’m a “drug dealer”, and… don’t go calling the DEA on me.. by that I mean a “legal drug dealer” who sells pharmaceuticals. I am lucky to have a career that I love and the free therapy that comes along as an added bonus.

Why all the issues??? Well.. I have moved 17 times in the 6 years since my divorce. And by moved, I mean I actually didn’t really move anything.. I just packed a bag, fit what I could in my car, and kept landing in all the wrong places over and over again 16 times before this last one. Hopefully the 17th time is the charm! Living life as a gypsy leads to issues… financial issues.. emotional issues.. relationship issues.. “is-shoes” of all types.

Retail therapy (re-tail ther-a-py)  – noun /humorous : shopping in order to make oneself feel happier.

With champagne taste on a beer budget, retail therapy must come cheap! My solution:

Bargain retail therapy- the act of filling up my closet without draining my wallet!! Ha Ha! Who wouldn’t feel happier after buying 7 pairs of shoes for the price of 1, a designer handbag for 80 percent off, and a dress that makes them look and feel like a million bucks, yet cost less than 10? I mean sometimes, things are so cheap it is as if the store is paying me to buy them…. Or at least that’s how I justify it. 😉

Anyone who knows me, knows I find my outfits/shoes/home decor/cute phone cases and chargers/patio furniture/jewelry etc.. at bargain prices and 99 percent of the time I say.. “Ross and it was 9.99”.. Bargain shopping is my hobby, and since so many ask how I do it, I’ll be sharing all my bargain finds and a weekly “is-shoe” in this blog. Stay tuned for Is-shoe #2.. at bargaingirlboss.com.