How NOT 2 Lose a Guy in 10 minutes!


The ugly truth about CATFISHING in the world of ‘online baiting!’  ❌ 🐡

-Tools to AVOID the following:

Tinder 💤nightmares…. Bumble🐝 stings….Unharmonious 🎧 E-Harmony …A Match 💔made in Hell 🔥

Be confident in who you are.. 🙌🏻that is the most attractive quality a girl can have! 😍

Rule #1: 

Always UNDER-promise and OVER-deliver! Don’t sell yourself short by any means.. Just be realistic, honest, and transparent with yourself and whomever you are trying to bait!

High expectations  lead to one thing.. DISAPPOINTMENT! 😔You don’t appreciate it when you order something online and realize you were mislead when it arrives..😡 Same as you expect what you were told by the manufacturers description, you need to be honest in your bio and stay true to who you are!!! 👫When guys go online shopping for girlfriends.. they can spot a phony faster than we could tell the difference between a real Louis Vuitton and an inspired one! 👛👛 ❓


Bio said she was 29, just ended long relationship, career-oriented and 105 pounds.. (imagine what her date is expecting..) GUYS IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.. SWIPE LEFT! 🙅🏼‍♂️

What does he get? A girl that looks 55, tweeking on meth, constantly talks about her ex.. (Cap’n Jesse the cook..) 😷 And tells him her top career goal is cooking and dealing the bluest “ice” in Texas! 🌀

YIKES!! While she may have technically been honest.. she wasn’t genuine and TRUTHFUL.. don’t mislead with bait that won’t hold up to a bite!

Rule #2:  Don’t bait with filtered photos

⚠️ WARNING: Person in photo is not as they appear.. 

EXAMPLE: Girl is HOTT (guy words.. I don’t even know what the extra T is for.. lol) in her photos.. #Flawless


DE-filter your photos!!! While we all love how beautiful the Snapchat filters make us.. (especially the flower headdress one.. it gives you pretty blue eyes.. needleless-Botox (aka.. Botox in a filter).. and teeth as white as cotton..) so many girls have this as their profile pic on social media and dating sites..

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS A FILTER.. and you appear less confident in your looks with this as a profile pic! I admit.. I get caught up in Snapchat filter entertainment worse than an 80’s kid (aka.. a Pre-Millennial) playing Mario Bros.. on the original Nintendo for the first time! Back when trouble-shooting consisted of ejecting the game and blowing in the bottom of it with all your might to rid the little gold squares of dust particles..

Well.. actually, this may have been the trouble-shooting efforts of Pre-Millennials in West Texas.. a place not-familiar to many.. but, where sandstorms are familiar to all! In fact.. the sandstorms are so big here.. they should be graded on the Richter scale! Windy with a chance of brown skies… and decreased visibility..

These storms are so blinding and powerful.. that, in the near-decade I was gone to the city.. they even got a new name!

The local news stations even use the terminology.. the first time I heard it.. “A large haboob is headed in this afternoon.. seek safety and shelter.. ” I thought.. well I guess I should have listened to my mom’s irrational fear of the world.. 😱 and learned the practices of a doomsday prepper since ISIS or the Taliban is storming into town today.. turns out we just now “use” the Middle-Eastern term haboob for sandstorm.. 💨

Back to rule #2:

Don’t mask your self or image with a Snapchat filter of any kind in your photos for ‘online baiting’.. Clear the visibility.. don’t get caught up in a haboob of filters and disguises.. Be proud of your looks and tell yourself how sexy you are in the mirror every day!

Rule #3:

Flaunt those curves!! Own up to your size! 

⚠️ WARNING: Person in photo is larger than they appear.. 

I actually just had a guy tell me about a girl who posted a rant on her FB about how appalled she was that a guy she had been ‘online baiting’ asked her to send a recent full body pic..

Not a naked or sexting pic.. just one that would properly illustrate her size.. turns out a lot of girls.. according to guys.. only have close-up pictures of their faces on their profiles..

So, the guy is disappointed when he shows up for the date and while the girl is a 10 in the face.. she is a lot more curvy and luscious than her photos.. and the guy texts his friends ‘Butter-face 🚨 Alert” (nothing looks good but-her-face!) to fake an emergency and bail immediately…

While this guys request may be shallow.. you can’t force him to want or be attracted to something!! He obviously is shallow about that.. and it is just easier to say.. I’m a lot to love.. or I have big girl curves.. and set the expectation in a way that exudes confidence! Snap a selfie in a long mirror.. send and if he doesn’t respond.. who cares? It saves you from public humiliation.. and and world of hurt.. TRUST ME.. YOU are better off not baiting that one! 🙌🏻

Nothing is more frustersfing than a continuous cycle of catch and release in the sea of online baiting.. 

Have a girls night.. Go bargain shopping for outfits that showcase who you really are.. inside and out! Have some wine with your #Girlboss friends.. and practice the art of selfies together until you have photos that don’t need a filter or warning label for online baiting! There are plenty of 🐠🐟🐡🐋🐬🐳 in the sea! Quit catching the bottom-feeders.. be an honest and confident #GirlbossOnlineBaiter 👫

And guys… don’t think you’re getting off the “hook” that easy. Be honest as well.. we all know if you say you’re 6′  to expect 5’10”.. but seriously.. be honest about your height, and all your insecurities! Put yourself out there and get “hooked” by a real good #girlboss! ❤️

-Jenn (America’s Most-Experienced Online Baiter)  🙆🏼

#NoCatfishAllowed ❌🐡 (Catch & Release Only)

Author: bargaingirlboss

~Pharmaceutical sales rep by day.. ~Bargain shopper by weekend.. ~Sell for a living and buy for a hobby..👗👠👛🕶

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