So.. I’m 34, divorced.. no kids… at my age, most women are married or single moms.

I often get down.. wishing for the life I thought I would have at 34.. a husband, a suburban full of kids, and a back porch with a bench swing  in the country where I could see the stars light-years away!

In my grandma’s day.. someone like me would be labeled an old maid or today a cat lady rather. Well.. I’m not a maid and I hate cats!

My childhood bestie loves her Cats.. she has 3.. and signs all over her house.. like:

CAT MOM.. All you need is ❤️ and a 😼!

You Had Me at Meow.. #CatLivesMatter..

Not me.. no signs and definitely no CATS! After dissecting a hairy black cat in nursing school that came in a shrink-wrapped plastic sack of formaldehyde with a sticker that said.. “Made in Mexico”.. I gag at cats!

Older women these days are referred to as cougars or MILFs.. well since again, I hate cats and and have no kids.. what am I?

At the Aggie/Bama game 🏈a couple of years ago.. a group of boys whistled at me and yelled.. “Wow.. you are one hot MILF!”

I didn’t even blink before I turned around at them and yelled back, “I don’t even have any kids!!!” 🙅🏼

And before I could even turn back around my best guy friend busts out laughing.. and if you knew him.. you would hear his sarcastic voice saying.. “Jenn.. we sure are glad you are attractive enough to be called a MILF before you even have any kids..” 😂

So there you have it.. I am a kid-less MILF!  A KILF! 💃🏼

KILF is the new cat lady! A kid-less MILF ❌👶🏻 and cat-less  ❌😼 Cat Lady! 🙌🏻

While, my life isn’t what I thought it would be at 34.. my friends and family have made me see that I have a great life! I have a great job and people that love me. And I have a cute house that I’m in control of and I can do whatever I want! And.. I don’t have to sleep with a ceiling fan on.. (why does everyone use those things.. )

When my guy friends get asked why and how I’m still single.. their typical reply is.. 80 degrees.. she keeps her thermostat at 80 degrees!

And guess what? I do!!! And I not only have control over the thermostat.. I have control over the remote.. how loud I play the music in the shower.. never run out of hot water in the shower… etc.

As much as I long for more in my life.. I need to look at what I have in my closet.. and realize I have a lot to be thankful for..👗👠👚👙👖👒👑👡🕶👟

Resolving the Is-shoe:

Don’t forget what matters.. and your go-to outfits are your BFF’s 4-Life.. stay true to them.. don’t lose sight to the flashier things.. they will come and go..

Trust your instincts.. people that matter dont’t mind.. and people that mind don’t matter..

Go spring shopping in your own closet and piece together a cute outfit, wear some bright colored jewelry and match the shoes! (And Lip-sense) Wear something in color and give them something to talk about!

-Jenn (America’s Most Eligible KILF)

*Must Hate Cats ❌😼

Author: bargaingirlboss

~Pharmaceutical sales rep by day.. ~Bargain shopper by weekend.. ~Sell for a living and buy for a hobby..👗👠👛🕶

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