IMG_1978Is-shoe #2

“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten..”

I would like to think I’ve left a trail of glitter throughout my 34 years… I’m fairly certain anyone who has ever known me has not forgotten my quirky traits and constant chatter..

Nevertheless, I’m sure you’re wondering how in the heck does someone move 17 times in 6 years?? Trust me, I ask myself the same question.. and just keep reminding myself of the saying.. not all who wander are lost..

Life is indeed a domino effect.. and if the 16 previous dominos in my life hadn’t fallen.. I wouldn’t be here.. where I am.. finally happy with move number 17.. I guess Deena Carter explained it best in her song “Strawberry Wine” when she said at 17 she saw everything.

Coincidentally, I was 17 when that song was released.. and unlike her.. I had no clarity whatsoever back then. As nice as it would have been to have had all my ducks in a row.. my life experiences (good, bad, and indifferent) and the lessons I learned from them have come full circle and shown me who I am, what I want, and to never settle for anything less.. (unless it’s a clearance item at a bargain store.. and in that case.. less is the objective!)

Now we are back to the important matters at hand.. SHOPPING!

What do you do when you move 17 times in 6 years, have a small car, and a champagne taste on a beer budget? It’s very simple.. you leave everything behind and just bargain shop when you get where you’re going… (and if you’re anything like me.. you’re glad you have nothing to remind you of the poisonous places you’ve been).. no thorn in your rose, no sad, sad song.. your night has a dawn.. a new dawn.. a new beginning!

This shopping adventure was for decor for my bedroom..  and all it took was 1 trip to ROSS on a Saturday morning.

You won’t believe what I treasures I found! Don’t just dress for less.. DECORATE FOR LESS too!

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Bargain GirlROSS Prices: (all ROSS finds)

Girl Boss/Goal Digger signs- $10.99
Rise & Shine Bright- $4.99
Believe ring/jewelry holder- $7.99
Like a Boss pillow- $9.99
Gold Pillows- $11.99
White & Gold wall art- $10.99
Black and gold sofa table- $79.99
Plant holder- $4.99
Green leaves- $1.99
Mini chest- $8.49
Fleur de lis- $7.99
Candle holder- $10.99
B candle- $4.99
Dream Big sign- $7.99
Feather Art- $17.49
Gold throw- $9.99
Chair- $39.99
Pouf Ottoman- $24.99

Grand Bargain Total: $276.82

(WOW) just the sofa table and pouf ottoman alone would add up to at least that much at full retail prices!!!

Hope you see as much value in my blog as I do in bargain shopping.. Life is full of is-shoes.. but nothing a little bargain retail therapy can’t help! See you back soon  for Is-shoe #3.. until then.. Happy shopping..



Author: bargaingirlboss

~Pharmaceutical sales rep by day.. ~Bargain shopper by weekend.. ~Sell for a living and buy for a hobby..👗👠👛🕶

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