Is-shoe #3

Blue Suede Shoes…

I would be willing to bet that while nearly every American would recognize the song.. Most would probably remember it played by the King of Rock & Roll shaking his hips and curling his lips.. driving all the ladies bananas!

But, I would be willing to bet, most don’t know it was actually Carl Perkins who recorded it first in 1955. I sometimes find myself looking for the sheer irony and symbolism I can see, hear and feel through music.

The song was actually written by Perkins at 3 am, on a potato sack of all things..( he would have had a hard time as a blogger with that medium.) Back then, suede was expensive and nearly impossible to clean..  thus the title “don’t step on my blue suede shoes..”

The irony I found is, this was a “stepping on toes” kind of song.. it was revolutionary to music.. as it first combined Rock, Country and Blues..

When I’m bargain shopping, I put on that imaginary thinking cap my 1st grade teacher always made wear.. and I walk around trying to find items to piece together in a free spirited kind of way. Not following any trends.. nothing mainstream.. it’s like an art to me.. I guess in a retail therapy meets art therapy kind of way..

Just walking around for a couple of hours with the color blue on my mind, I found all these great bargains! Different styles for various moods and occasions.. but not conforming to one style, much like the song of reference. Sadly, so many people are afraid to get out of their comfort zones, afraid they’ll look stupid, fear of rejection, or expense.. etc.. And this is sad..

Express yourself, your emotion and your spirit in the things you wear and always carry yourself with confidence. The most common objection I hear in regards to bargain shopping is that people don’t want to dig for things.. but my philosophy is anything worth having doesn’t come easy..  I challenge you to go on a bargain hunt.. and find items that speak to your soul!!

Find that outfit that mixes Rock, Country and Blues.. throw on some blue suede shoes.. and strut your stuff like a trendsetting girlboss!

These are my Blue Bargains: (again all Ross finds)
Electric blue top- $9.99
Light blue solid dress-$17.99
Blue and white printed dress-$19.99
Dark Blue Tahari Dress-$39.99
Dark Blue leggings-$7.99
Gianni Bini blue suede shoes-$29.99
#rossdressforless #girlboss #blue #fashionista
until next time.. happy trendsetting!! See you back for Is-shoe #4

Author: bargaingirlboss

~Pharmaceutical sales rep by day.. ~Bargain shopper by weekend.. ~Sell for a living and buy for a hobby..👗👠👛🕶

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